Happy Birthday Jake!!!!

March 25, 2015

So I haven’t done an entry in a while, again.

I have big news! I am completely enrolled and ready to start school on April 6th! I am getting more excited as time gets closer. I put in my notice yesterday which is a little short but I am able to be there fully for Jake on his birthday. We have the party on Saturday which is a party in the park complete with the cutest cake I have ever seen! Then, on Sunday we are going to watch Jake’s first ever Wrestlemania!! In case anyone doesn’t know what that is, it is the biggest wrestling event of the year, it is WWE’s equivalent to the Super Bowl. I just hope he finishes out the week and Saturday with no problem and he can actually watch it.

He has been doing a lot better lately. He has had a few slip ups. A few weeks ago he was allowed to go outside and play at daycare and he was told to stay out of the mud quite a few times. He and another boy were caught rolling around in a huge mud puddle like pigs! I could not believe he did that, and to top that one off he didn’t go inside and use the bathroom so he peed is pants twice. That led to him being grounded from outside for a while. Well, he had a really good day so we decided to give him outside back, he was let out at school since they have the rubber chips on the playground, I hate those things by the way, and he was fine but when he got to daycare I was called and informed that I forgot his snow pants. Being that it was my fault I got on the phone and tried to talk to Jake and tell him that he could go out the next day and I promised I would put his pants in his backpack when we got home. At the time we made a deal with him that if he got 10 greens in a row and didn’t throw any crying fits we would buy him a fish, so he promised me he would be ok and that he wanted his fish and as soon as I got off the phone he started hyperventilating. For the next hour I spent getting on and off the phone with him and the daycare woman trying to calm him down. The very last time she called me to inform me that he had started bashing his head off the walls. When I got there he had an ice pack on his forehead, there were scratches all on one side.

Dad was so mad he told him he was not getting a fish at all. But, I think he learned his lesson with that one. We have been telling him that crying and throwing fits will not get him his way and he hasn’t believed us up until this point. I am very proud of how far he has come in the last few months he has done a complete 180 degrees from where he was. He still tries to get away with some things but what kid doesn’t?

But, I can’t wait to start school! I am so excited!! And Jake’s party is going to be awesome! Everyone we love will be there! Wish us luck that the weather holds out for us!!!

Thanks for reading!! XOXO

Happy Birthday Jake!!!!

Jake, Work, and School.

February 3, 2015

So yesterday was a rough day for all of us. I was done with work at 12:30 and I went to get Jake early. When I got there he was still in the music room, although the rest of the class was back in the classroom, he was sitting inside a small, black entertainment center. When I walked in, he didn’t see me at first, I made him clean up all the chairs he had knocked over and the little metal pieces from the stand that he was throwing. He didn’t say a word to me and he didn’t argue he went and did what I told him. I was told that he has refused to leave the room at all he hid in the stand and would not come out.

We went to his classroom and he got ready as I talked to his teacher. She told me that he refused to do any of his work. He hadn’t finished one page. He continued to knock over books in his quiet corner and throw chairs. He didn’t get recess because he wouldn’t listen, he did not eat lunch. He sat at the table and wouldn’t touch his food. I don’t know what got into him yesterday, the bad behavior continued when he and I got home. I had him do 3 of the 6 things he had for homework and we went to pick up Dad from work.

I continued to try to get him to talk to me all day and he just kept saying that he was mad and sad. His dad thinks that he wants to go home. The last time he talked to his mom, she lied to him and told him that she was coming to get him soon and take him home. We think that he took this to heart, even when he was gently told that, that wasn’t the case. Maybe we didn’t explain it to him well enough? Maybe he is angry with us that he is with us altogether. Dad and I both don’t want him to go back. Countless family members don’t want that as well.

As far as the daycare goes, Dad walked in with is this morning and the daycare woman asked what he was doing there. Dad just came right out and said that the pants belonged to him and he wanted them back. She was surprised but gave them back. I just hope that she isn’t mean to Jake because of it.

I am still researching going to school as soon as I can. I heard that financial aid will not only pay my tuition but will pay half my bills as well. There is also a very good school not too far from me. I hadn’t considered it but I talked to a good friend of my sister-in-laws and she had nothing but good things to say about it.

One of the reasons I want to go to school is so that I can take Jake to school myself and pick him up too. We don’t have to deal with the middle man and I can still get a small part time job in the meantime if I want to. My fiancé thinks it is a good idea too and is behind me 100%! I want to make our lives better than what they are now and I am not happy with the job I am at. They are always changing the schedule on me trying to make me work until 7:00 which isn’t even possible for me seeing as I have told them 100 times that I have to get my fiancé from work and Jake from Daycare. That and I am full time. I work 40 hours a week. Period. I cannot keep changing my schedule around and trying to figure out the rest of our lives. I am just done with the bullshit. Speaking of that, I better get back to work!

I’ll keep y’all posted! XO

Jake, Work, and School.