More Trouble Brewing.

February 2, 2015

I know I haven’t written in a while but we have been so busy with Jake.

We finally solved the mystery of why he was hitting on the bus, he and his friend were playing and hitting each other, running up and down the aisles. He told us that the kid was being mean to him and when we moved him it continued so then we had to have them separated and when I grilled Jake, he caved and told me that truth.

We had a really good weekend for my birthday. We saw my sister and her boys, and the rest of our family. Jake and my sister’s youngest hit it off really well and he was good when we got home, until about half an hour ago.

I got a call from his teacher saying that he was throwing a fit because he didn’t get the right color scissors. He continued by throwing the scissors. Really kid? The wrong scissors? So he was screaming in the background like he was dying and she put me on the phone with him, he had an attitude as I told him that he could either go to the office all day long or do his work. He tried to choose the office and I told him to at least try to do his work for me and he flipped out and said goodbye and threw the phone on the floor. When the teacher picked it up she continued to tell me that he was picking up and throwing chairs and kicking them across the floor.

I am at the end of my rope and I know Dad is too. We just don’t know what to do with him anymore. He was just fine all weekend. I know that it is hard as a kid to have fun all weekend and then have to go back to reality, shit, It’s hard for adults. But, there is a point when it has to stop. Kids think differently I know, but we have really tried to explain this to him. Also, this has been ongoing since Christmas. When he got his presents, he was done being good. He just didn’t care anymore but now he hasn’t played his Xbox in almost a month and half because he has been so naughty.

Last week when we told him that we were going to Grandma’s house but he had to be  good he did really good and now this week we told him that we would get him some Legos since he took care of his cousin’s Legos so good. So, we have been trying to give him rewards and it’s just not working, he doesn’t care.

I am done with work at 12:30 today and I am going to get him. He is going to come home and do chores all night until bedtime after we finish his homework.

His Aunt and I talked about chores he could do and I decided that he would fold towels all the towels we own and then when he was done I would mess them up and he would do it again, over and over until bedtime. I had him do it once and he hated it and he is going to do it again.

Also, I am thinking about going back to school to be a beautician. This morning really confirmed it for me. I got out and walked him into daycare like I normally do and he had forgotten his snow pants this weekend, and when we got there he told me they were hanging on the hook behind the door. When I went to get them the daycare lady grabbed them and right away said that there were no snow pants left this weekend at her house. I told her “Jake said those are his” she kept saying they weren’t. He started crying and when I asked what was wrong he said “you won’t believe me that they are mine.” I told him if they were his I would put them in his backpack. Mind you, my son does lie, but when he is crying over something then I know he is telling the truth. I went to take the snow pants and said “he says they are his so I will send them.” Her eyes got as big as quarters and said “they are a 4T he doesn’t wear a 4T.”

Excuse me, his snow pants are a size 4T his uncle bought them for him big so that he could wear them next year. If my son says they are his snow pants and he is literally crying about it, THEN THEY ARE HIS FUCKING SNOW PANTS! I am so tired of this daycare crap. I love having my own money and being independent but this woman pisses me off. Needless to say when my fiancé is done with work then we need to stop down there and he can go in and talk to her about it. He will tear her a new a**hole. The only reason I didn’t is because I would have been late for work.

I have to get back to work I will keep y’all updated as this shit progresses. Thanks for reading! XO

More Trouble Brewing.

Birthday Party Drama.

January 19, 2015

I have good news and bad news.

Good news is, Jake is finally getting out of his funk with the fits. We talked to him and made a plan where if he is upset he will come to one of us and let us know how he is feeling so that we can help him fix it. It has been working well, he is still trying to catch on and does cry. This morning before we got in the car he was crying because his dad and I were having a conversation in the living room and I told him to go in the bathroom and get the water started to brush his teeth and he instead, went in the bathroom and cried. He kills me because it isn’t even stuff to cry about. But then again, I get that he is 5 and he will grow out of it and learn how to deal with things.

I also feel bad for him because on Friday I woke him up to take him to daycare and he cried because he thought he didn’t have to go to school (he was half asleep and forgot he had to go to daycare) when I finally got him up and dressed he was standing next to our bed and he just bent over and puked all over the floor. I told him to quick, run to the toilet in case he had to again, so he stopped halfway to puke all over the floor. Yuck! Turns out he had Strep. I have never seen anyone throw up from Strep. But apparently it runs in the family, so he was in bed for two days. But he also has the immune system from his father because he bounced back so quickly you wouldn’t even have known he was sick. It felt nice to take care of someone other than myself or my fiancé for a change.

The bad news, (other than Jake getting sick) is that his uncle is at it again.

Here is the lowdown. Uncle has twin girls and their birthday party is this Sunday. He asked my fiancé if he would at least drop Jake off and let him stay. By himself? Hell no, see what happened last time? So Chris said he might come but I probably wouldn’t. Me, still being mad at him for the shit he pulled a few weeks ago. So, my fiancé decided to bring up Jake’s birthday, since Uncle and Auntie are fighting my fiancé told him that Auntie was being invited to the party and that he was going to have to deal with it. I am behind him 100%. Uncle wants us to tell her she can’t show up until a certain time when he leaves. My fiancé told him no, he could either, show up and avoid her or don’t go at all. Maybe that sounds mean but with what actually went on between Uncle and Auntie the way he talks about her is ridiculous.

I don’t know if I mentioned this but his wife accused her of stealing and he believed it. I don’t think she did it and neither does my fiancé but, that is not my business. What concerns me is he makes it all about him instead of thinking about the kids. They are the ones that suffer. What about Jake? Stuck in the middle, it isn’t fair to any of these kids to have to go through this crap. Especially my son with everything he has already been through, he doesn’t need this drama too.

I am starting to think maybe we should just go to my mom’s house for his birthday. Then at least we won’t have to deal with this shit.

My day started out really good and then his mom called me and was crying, said that Uncle was so upset he was crying last night. Which she is just as bad! She has been spending so much time over at Uncle’s house I don’t know why she doesn’t just move over there. He is telling her lies and making it seem like we are all assholes over here. And that includes myself, my fiancé, Auntie, and her boyfriend.  She is making the whole fight out to be my fiance’s fault. I just think that sometimes we just need to get away and have our own life away from all the fucking bullshit, sorry for my language.

I am just getting stressed out because it is like they won’t stop, ever. There is always something that they have to bitch about. My fiancé and I are finally starting to get our footing with Jake being here and they don’t care. They just keep flinging more shit like a fucking ape at the zoo. I can’t take it much longer. My fiancé wonders why we fight so much and when I tell him then he defends them…..but, I am not going to dwell. (Or try not to)

Thanks for reading! XOXO

Birthday Party Drama.

Still Battling Negative Behavior.

January 15, 2015

I know I haven’t done a real post in a while. I have been so busy with work and Jake.

First of all Jake is not doing better, it has been two weeks of nothing but naughty behavior at school. We can’t get him to stop. We have tried everything. We are literally at our wits end, there is not a whole lot we can take. Being thrown into this has been hard enough as it is and now him acting up and not stopping is getting old quickly.

Yesterday it took another bad turn. He started getting violent with the kids on the bus. He was actually punching other kids. I have never seen him do that, we are guessing that it is the wrestling he is watching. There is a PPV on next Sunday and last night he got himself grounded from it and Raw for a while. He hasn’t gotten to see it in the last two weeks because of his behavior.

Jake has been throwing, pushing, and slamming chairs, he has been talking back to the teacher, and the daycare woman. He has been fighting with other kids, not doing his class work, shutting down completely and not talking to anyone. I sat down and had a talk with him the other night and he promised to do better and not cause any more trouble and it was worse. He won’t tell me what is wrong.

I had a conversation with my mother about it yesterday and she suggested putting him on medication. I won’t do it unless it gets to where he absolutely needs it. I have been down that road when I was a kid, they would give me one medicine and I would have bad side effects, then they would try another and I would be a zombie, I don’t want him to go through the same thing I did. He is 5 and that is not fair.

I wrote a note to his teacher and asked if there was a way for him to talk to a school counselor and maybe see if she could figure out what was wrong with him. I feel like maybe it is his birth mom. But she hasn’t called or tried to message on social media or text, just nothing. It has been a few weeks now and I am not playing games anymore. But, back to Jake. Maybe it is because we don’t spend enough time with him. I want to play games with him this weekend. I work on Saturday but I am done at 6 and I was thinking about buying some board games (or making some DIY) and teaching him how to play.

I also feel like I am my fiance’s support system in this whole thing. He knows less than I do about children and he is always looking to me for right and wrong. I am not complaining though because we both need each other to get Jake through this. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. That includes battling depression. I thought that was hard but, this, this is harder. Anyone have any ideas for discipline? I was also told to let him let off some steam. Any ideas on that? We just need help. Plain and simple.

Does being a parent really make us this crazy or are some people just better at it than others?

Regardless of all the trouble we are having with him I am glad he is here with us and I still wouldn’t change a thing. Ok, maybe I am nuts!

Thanks for reading. Again, feedback is definitely appreciated!

Still Battling Negative Behavior.

50 Questions 50 Answers!

Totally unrelated to the subject matter I usually post but I thought it would be fun!

I got these questions from one of the blogs I follow and it brought back memories of my friends and I doing these in high school when Myspace was still a thing. My friends and I would load our profiles full of these little quizzes and sometimes we would make them up and do them in class and read the other’s answers.

Before I take myself too far back and cant finish this post here they are 🙂 :

50 questions 50 answers.

1: What are you wearing? White pants, yellow Aero shirt, black boots

2: Ever been in love? Yes

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Yes

4: How tall are you? Around 6’0

5: How much do you weigh? Ummm….I would rather not say. Lets just say I had an imaginary baby and I still have the muffin top that just wont go away lol

6: Any tattoos?  No but I am planning on getting one soon! This is the tattoo I want but all the way up my side to my ribs.


7: Any piercings? 6 altogether. Double pierced lobes, top of ear, and nose.

8: Ever done an operation? Nope 🙂

9: Favorite show? WWE Raw, Revenge, The Originals, The O.C. and Smallville!

cena raw


10: Favorite bands? Evanescence, AC/DC, Nickleback, and Florida Georgia Line

11: Something you miss? Pop. I have stopped drinking it and I miss it so much T.T

12: Favorite song? Unappreciated – Cherish

13: How old are you? 23 I will be 24 on January 29th

14: Zodiac sign? Aquarius


15: Qualities you look for most in a partner? Honesty, humor, and common sense. I know they seem like little things but I stopped trying to raise my standards too high. And look, I found the man of my dreams! 🙂

16: Favorite Quote? Don’t wanna live afraid of dying, no fear. – Terri Clark ~ No Fear.

17: Favorite actor? Vin Diesel


18: Favorite color? Lime green and/or black

19: Loud music or soft? Loud. I love it loud so I can jam out with my son! 🙂

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? Hmmm, that’s a tough one. It depends on where I am. If I am home then to bed. But if not then I just go somewhere to be alone.

21: How long does it take you to shower? Most of the time about 30 to 45 minutes. I have very long hair

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? 30 minutes

23: Ever been in a physical fight? Yes.

24: Turn on? Muscles and when a man smells amazing 😉

25: Turn off? Sagging pants and long hair.

26: The reason I made this blog? To share my experience being a new mom and raising a kid that is not my own.

27: Fears? Deep water, death, enclosed spaces, and clowns

28: Last thing that made you cry? Frustration.

29: Last time you said you loved someone? This morning

30: Meaning behind your blog Name? Step Mama Diaries. I am Jake’s step mom and diaries because most of the time I am just cataloging my thoughts. The fact that y’all get to read them and hear what I have to say is just a bonus. 🙂

31: Last book you read? Tremble – Jus Accardo that was back in September D:


32: The book you’re currently reading? Unhinged – A.G. Howard. These books are about Wonderland. I am obsessed with Alice in Wonderland.


33: Last show you watched? The Vampire Diaries

34: Last person you talked to? A customer.

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? My fiance

36: Favorite food? Anything pasta 🙂

37: Place you want to visit? Myrtle Beach.

38: Last place you were? In my Blazer.

39: Do you have a crush? Yes, my fiance 😉

41: Last time you were insulted? Wednesday night 😦

42: Favorite flavor of sweet? Blue Raspberry! Sour too!

43: What instruments do you play? None

44: Favorite piece of jewelry? My engagement ring

45: Last sport you played? Wrestled with my fiance and my son 🙂

46: Last song you sang? Jessie’s Girl. It was stuck in my head last night

47: Favorite chat up line? I lost my phone number, can I have yours?

48: Have you ever used it? No, never.

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? This morning in the car with Jake and my fiance

50: Who should answer these questions next? Anyone who reads them.

Feel free to copy and paste them and fill in your own answers. I love getting to know people and knowing more about them!

50 Questions 50 Answers!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award


Thank you for nominating me for a very inspiring Blogger award. I am still new to WP and I have few readers but the ones I do have are very supportive and helpful. I am getting to know a few people. I just wanted to take this time to thank those who read my blog and give me advice, I appreciate everything. So here are the rules for the award:

1- Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog. 2- Display award on your post. 3- List award rule’s so your nominee’s will know what to do. 4- State 7 thing’s about yourself. 5- Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award. 6- Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post. 7- Proudly display the award logo ( or buttons ) on your blog, whether in your side bar, ABOUT page or a special page for award’s.

On to the 7 things about me:

  1. I am a very opinionated person, I never used to be but with all the things that have happened to me in the last year I have grown a thick skin.
  2. My favorite animal of all time is the lion. They are beautiful and fierce. Funny thing about that is my fiance’s sign is Leo, so I found my lion!   leo
  3. I have always wanted to be an English teacher. High school or junior high. With my love for books I always wanted to pass down my reading to children and help them learn to better themselves through reading, though I never got around to it.
  4. I love doing hair and makeup. I have very long hair (all the way past my belt) so I am always trying out tips and tricks with my hair.
  5. I also love DIY projects. Especially things to organize my house. I have OCD so everything in my house has its place.
  6. I own over 100 Skylanders. It is a video game, there are little figures that you place on a portal and they “come grpto life” on the game. I love them, this is my hobby. I am still looking for the most rare one his name is Ghost Roaster.
  7. I am not a people person, yet I work in customer service. I don’t like talking to people on the phone I don’t mind interacting with people but I don’t want to hear them complain about our product when it is something I can’t control. I don’t mind listening to people’s problems but I don’t like when they try to make it my fault. (I shouldn’t be in customer service I know).

As for the nominations. I still don’t have many to nominate but these are the ones I do have.


These are all blogs that I have just recently started following and reading. They are wonderful and are all well written. I enjoy reading their posts and all they have to say.

Thank you again for nominating me it means a lot to me!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Behavioral Issues!

January 7, 2015

I am sitting at work bored, nothing really new today. But, Jake was in trouble yesterday when we went to pick him up. Not a daycare this time, at school. They have a system for behavior, they give each student a calendar each month and every day they get a color for how they behaved that day. This is the system:

Green= Had a good day, no problems.

Yellow= Had a few problems. (Listening, attitude ect.)

Red= Not cooperating at all, bad behavior ect.

Blue= Principle’s office/calling parents. The worst you can get.

Mind you, my son is in Kindergarten. I get teaching them early but when you are that age all you want to do is play. But, they should also know appropriate behavior.

Anyway, yesterday my son got a yellow because he wasn’t listening when he was told to clean up his area and calm down. As soon as she told him he was on yellow he freaked out and started literally throwing chairs. First it was kicking them and punching them and now he is throwing them. I have never seen him throw a full blown fit like that. He has gotten pretty angry but for the most part he is a good kid. I don’t know where this is coming from. We tried to talk to him about it and he just said that he didn’t want to listen. This is really getting out of hand.

I still believe my first theory about his Uncle being his influence.

Any thoughts on how to get him to stop throwing fits at school/daycare?

Also, my fiancés cousin messaged me on social media yesterday around 2:30 and asked if it was ok for Jake’s grandmother to call Jake. See I normally wouldn’t mind but a) she is on drugs even worse than Jake’s mom is and b) she has already tried to call once, without mine or my fiance’s permission. I told him no and my fiancé agreed. I don’t like random strangers calling me and we just got Jake away from all the WV drama he is not going to hear some more, especially from just another pill head.

I know that sounds mean but we are done with these drug heads thinking they are going to be a part of Jake’s life. That was his old life and this is his new, he may not have known that is what they were doing but we do. I think he will understand in the long run, he is a smart boy. I don’t want to offend anyone but we also don’t want Jake to have to be around that crap.

But that is my rant for the day. I have to get back to work! Thanks for reading! XOXO

Behavioral Issues!

Back To The Real World!

January 6, 2015

So today is sort of up and down for me with emotions. Yesterday was Jake’s first day back to school after break and he was really good in school and then when he got to Daycare he was mean. First, him and another boy were pretending to stab people, yes we had to have THAT conversation with him. Then when he was asked to stop he didn’t. His friend did but he refused. Then they were kicking and wrestling each other and when he was put in the time out he continued to kick when he was told to calm down. I know that all little boys have a thing with combat and weapons but, we have had this conversation before with him and he continues to do it. Any suggestions on getting him to stop? We have already had to take away all his Nerf guns and even his Ninja Turtle weapons. I don’t want to have to take away wrestling too. That is what my fiance’s sister had to do with her boys.

When we first started doing his homework he had this thing where he knew the answer but he didn’t want to say it so he would play like he didn’t know. He tried that again last night, it took him almost two whole hours to do his homework. But he finally finished it, he realized that I wasn’t going to play his game. This Mamas got this!

I am very easily distracted today. I started writing this post and then forgot about it and started doing something else. Been on social media a lot, trying to sort out lies and facts. Jake’s mom has been posting some things about her addiction. One of them said she was not on drugs she just acts crazy and someone actually commented and told her she was a liar. Which we have known this was true for a while but I took a screenshot just in case she decides to delete it. There were multiple other posts as far as what she was doing.

I don’t want to be one of those people, who just go on someone’s page to spy but, when it comes to my son and his well being then I want to know what she is trying to plan. In the long run her posts will help us in our custody  case. I don’t even want to deal with her crap anymore I just want Jake to be with us and have her not be around. I know that is his real mom but honestly, she hasn’t done very much for the boy but pretend to be a good mom on social media. All she did was hurt him when she left him with random people that he didn’t know.

I will not rant about her again!

Anyway, last night we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and Jake has had this a handful of times and never once heard a complaint until last night. He found a little piece of a mushroom and almost refused to eat because he said he didn’t like it. I laughed and told him he has been eating those the whole time he has been with us and he hasn’t even noticed. He had nothing to say to that and he ate without another word. I find it hilarious that he will try any way he can to not eat but, he always ends up eating anyway.

Wish me luck on tonight’s homework!

Back To The Real World!