I Want A Dog!

January 6, 2015

Is it really bad that I want a dog? Just a small one but our place is small, my fiancé said no. But I really, really want one. I have wanted one so badly and Jake begged me for a dog right before Christmas and I had to tell him no. I mean I know we have a cat and she is the best animal over anything but I want a companion, when I go on walks I can take it with me. I don’t think I will ever get one though.

These are some of the choices I want for a new fur baby:


Chihuahua. I know people think they are yappy but I think with the right training any dog can be good.


Pomeranian. I love this breed though the fur gets long and they take quite a bit of brushing I am sure.


Teacup Pomeranians are so adorable. But they probably cost an arm and a leg.


Pomsky. Pomeranian/Husky mix. Although I would have a hard time finding one in my area.


MinPin or Miniature Doberman Pincer.  I want one without the tail clipped.

There are a few more ideas but these are the ones that I want the most. Since my fiancé said I am not allowed to have a Pitbull. He reads into all the bull that they are mean and they could turn on anyone at any time. I don’t see it that way. I owned the sweetest little pit there ever was his name was Edward and he was my baby. It is a really sad story to why I no longer have him and I would rather not get into it but he is the reason that it has taken me so long to love another dog. But this is a picture of my baby with my mom holding him:


Thoughts on which breed would be best? Thanks for reading!

I Want A Dog!

2 thoughts on “I Want A Dog!

  1. Any breed can bite if not trained and treated correctly so it’s unfair to think just a pit would. Chihuahua’s are actually listed as one of the most snappy but I have had 3 and never had a problem. Pits are a big strong dog though and like our staffie can hurt just by stepping on your toe or jumping up to lick you but head butting you by mistake. I remember many an occasion being knocked half senseless in the name of love lol. Ok anyway. ….small dogs…..I am obviously going to be bias here and say jack russells 🙂


    1. Lol my friend had a few Jack Russels. they are super smart but they like to pee on things lol. At least both of hers did and she owned them at different times haha. I would love to have a pit again I miss my Edward 😦 and the head butting my mom has a big dog his name is Mack and we literally named him after the semi truck because we knew he would be huge. And he is! I was still in school getting ready to leave one morning and he head butted me and gave me a bloody nose! But he is such a baby he felt so bad he followed me to clean it and cried the whole time. I just want a little dog because we don’t have much room at our place. :/ otherwise I would get a big guy 🙂


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