Back To The Real World!

January 6, 2015

So today is sort of up and down for me with emotions. Yesterday was Jake’s first day back to school after break and he was really good in school and then when he got to Daycare he was mean. First, him and another boy were pretending to stab people, yes we had to have THAT conversation with him. Then when he was asked to stop he didn’t. His friend did but he refused. Then they were kicking and wrestling each other and when he was put in the time out he continued to kick when he was told to calm down. I know that all little boys have a thing with combat and weapons but, we have had this conversation before with him and he continues to do it. Any suggestions on getting him to stop? We have already had to take away all his Nerf guns and even his Ninja Turtle weapons. I don’t want to have to take away wrestling too. That is what my fiance’s sister had to do with her boys.

When we first started doing his homework he had this thing where he knew the answer but he didn’t want to say it so he would play like he didn’t know. He tried that again last night, it took him almost two whole hours to do his homework. But he finally finished it, he realized that I wasn’t going to play his game. This Mamas got this!

I am very easily distracted today. I started writing this post and then forgot about it and started doing something else. Been on social media a lot, trying to sort out lies and facts. Jake’s mom has been posting some things about her addiction. One of them said she was not on drugs she just acts crazy and someone actually commented and told her she was a liar. Which we have known this was true for a while but I took a screenshot just in case she decides to delete it. There were multiple other posts as far as what she was doing.

I don’t want to be one of those people, who just go on someone’s page to spy but, when it comes to my son and his well being then I want to know what she is trying to plan. In the long run her posts will help us in our custody  case. I don’t even want to deal with her crap anymore I just want Jake to be with us and have her not be around. I know that is his real mom but honestly, she hasn’t done very much for the boy but pretend to be a good mom on social media. All she did was hurt him when she left him with random people that he didn’t know.

I will not rant about her again!

Anyway, last night we had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner and Jake has had this a handful of times and never once heard a complaint until last night. He found a little piece of a mushroom and almost refused to eat because he said he didn’t like it. I laughed and told him he has been eating those the whole time he has been with us and he hasn’t even noticed. He had nothing to say to that and he ate without another word. I find it hilarious that he will try any way he can to not eat but, he always ends up eating anyway.

Wish me luck on tonight’s homework!

Back To The Real World!

13 thoughts on “Back To The Real World!

      1. I wish they were here! I just don’t really have time for it either he gets off school at 2:15 and my fiancé and I are not done with work until 4 so we have no way to get him anywhere else but daycare.


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