So, So Tired of Baby Mama Drama….

January 5, 2015

I am already exhausted with the new year of 2015. For one, we had a girl here at work who was a receptionist like me and the other will be on vacation for two weeks so I am doing the weekend now. Yay overtime! Seriously though, a little extra cash after the holiday and before my birthday is not a bad thing! Two, 10 hour shifts at time and a half? I’ll take it!

But on top of that, all of the holiday running is coming to an end. We took our tree down on Saturday and cleaned the whole house and I love a clean house. I am a little OCD (ok a lot) so my house has to be pretty clean. Which we do have a lot of stuff and Nana does as well but we keep it neat, the only thing I have a problem with is that Jake’s clothes are all over his room. I haven’t had a chance to get him another set of drawers. Right now he is working with plastic sets until we get a bigger place. No one has a dresser in our house for the simple fact that we have absolutely no room. Except in our room, we have a bit of space. We just know we won’t be here long. Past my ramblings, I am over the holidays. Don’t get me wrong I love them as much as the next person but I also love when everything is cleaned up at the end of the season.  Now is the time when I look forward to Springtime. Green grass and warm weather. Pretty sad that two months in and I am done with Winter. Where I live we have at least 4 almost 5 months of Winter. It has been unseasonably warm this season up until about a week ago and now it is zero below and lower.

But enough about the weather. We had a problem with Jake’s mom this weekend. My fiancé talked to her Friday night, Jake was already in bed, and he promised that Jake would call her in the morning. We were taking the tree down and Jake called her it was about 12 our time 1 hers, so she should have been long since awake. Jake called and some woman answered and was very rude to him and hung up on him. So my fiancé called again and told her she was rude and that Jake wanted to talk to his mom. She was rude with my fiancé as well and told him not to call back again because everyone was sleeping. At 1 in the afternoon and you are sleeping ? Unless you have been partying all night!  Needless to say, if she wants to talk to Jake she can call us. She didn’t call later that day either, or yesterday. Pretty sad when you claim you are so close with your son and then you act like you don’t care. Some mother!

I really don’t want to talk bad about her but she makes me so mad! I would never, EVER, treat Jake the way she does. He is not a disposable pawn you can just use to your advantage whenever you see fit! You had him by accident but he should not be treated as such! He is a human being a little, impressionable boy who is old enough to realize all that you are doing to him! And then you leave my fiancé to fix your “mistake” but Jake is happier here, he is loved, and cared for. And he always will be as long as he is here! I cant wait to see your face when you think you can just come and take him whenever you see fit, FYI, you have to take my fiancé to court to get Jake back, and you have to come here to do it so good luck! You will never come here, you do not have the money nor the resources, and frankly you just don’t care. You may fool your family with your “I am such a great mommy” routine but you don’t fool everyone! If you were the good mommy you say you are then you wouldn’t be snorting pills and neglecting your children!

I don’t mean to go on about it, I just wanted to get my feelings out and paint a picture of the terrible person she really is, and who she claims to be. It saddens me that one day Jake will ask me and his dad what really happened with his mom. And how do we do that without making his mom look like a terrible mother in his eyes?

I am not looking forward to that day at all. I keep going over it in my head, wondering what he is going to think and do or say. Any thoughts on how we should approach this when the day comes?

So, So Tired of Baby Mama Drama….

5 thoughts on “So, So Tired of Baby Mama Drama….

  1. Maybe you could tell him his mum was ill rather than taking drugs or that she couldn’t afford to look after him rather than that she preferred to spend all her money on partying. …..I don’t think it would make any child feel good about themselves to find out their mother didn’t look after him properly because she had a drug problem

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    1. I agree. I just don’t want him to feel like we lied to him later. The sick one that makes sense, in a way she is sick. I was on social media last night and she wrote that she was “doing good” but I don’t believe that just because she has only called him about 3 times and when we tried to call her she knew he wanted her and we didn’t hear a word and she lied and said she was in the hospital. Its just more and more lies tacked on top of each other.


      1. Yes and she is a compulsive liar and I don’t think she can help it she would tell you that today is Friday and believe it herself. 😦 she lies to Jake constantly and it is because he is so little that he believes her too.

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