Just Another Problem….

December 30, 2014

We had a little problem with Jake yesterday. At daycare, he decided that he didn’t have to listen to the daycare lady and told her so, many times. He kept telling her over and over you aren’t my mom you can’t tell me what to do. When I went to drop him off at daycare in the morning is when he started now wanting to listen.

I am not going to lie here. I think my fiance’s brother told him he didn’t have to listen to me or anyone else but his dad. We sat Jake down and asked him why he thought he didn’t have to listen and at first he tried to blame it on his cousin. We knew better because his cousin hadn’t been in trouble at all. Then when we asked if someone told him he didn’t have to listen he started crying and said he couldn’t tell because he would get in trouble.

He wouldn’t come right out and say it but my gut is telling me that he got it from somewhere and the only place he has been is his uncle’s house. I know that children go through phases where they act out. But if that was the case wouldn’t he have completely denied being told to do it instead of crying like he did?  I have never known my fiance’s brother to be deliberately mean like that but, I don’t put it past him either. If he thinks he is right and someone is wrong he will go to any length to prove it.

If that is the case then my fiancé really needs to finally open his eyes and see what is really happening. I hate when is family thinks they can just say whatever they want. He told me last night, on our ride home from work we had a talk, that he wasn’t raised that way. That all of his family looked out for everyone and while our family did as well we didn’t have everyone commenting on anyone else’s parenting, and if someone did then they had another thing coming.

I remember my mother and grandmother fighting a few times over what my grandmother thought was good for us, and it didn’t end well.

I don’t want things to get so bad that the family is not on good terms with each other. I hate that half of my family doesn’t talk because of the past. I haven’t heard from one of my aunts for 7 years, since my cousin’s funeral. One of my uncles, I haven’t seen for about 3 years. My point is, we shouldn’t let things progress to where this is going on, and if his brother honestly wants to act like a prick over something that isn’t his business then he can just not see Jake anymore. I don’t want to but if that is what it comes to then so be it.

I don’t want all of Jake’s life to be one big argument. I don’t want Jake to think this is normal that all life is, is chaos. He has had enough fighting and chaos in his life and he is only 5 years old.

Any thoughts on how to handle this sort of situation?

Thanks for reading!

Just Another Problem….

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