My Son Melts My Heart!

December 22, 2014

The best thing that has happened this holiday is Jake’s Christmas program. I know that is sad….

But, when I got there Nana and Auntie were there and we sat down and the 1st graders sang first. Then Jake’s class came in and he was looking around for us everywhere he was about to cry so Auntie and I went up close to the stage and waved to him and as soon as he saw me my heart melted. Right before his friend had been pointing out his mother and when Jake saw me he turned to his friend and said “that’s my mommy.” I instantly cried. He was saying “mommy!” trying to call to me and I waved. Auntie almost cried too.

No one can say that I don’t have an impact in that little man’s life. He is my world, and I am his Mommy. I am so happy that he is in my life. It is really, really hard sometimes but moments like this make it all worth it. I may not have given birth to him but I love him like I did.

He was unexpected and has turned my world upside down, and his has turned too. I cannot imagine anyone not wanting this sweet little boy in their lives. Everyone that meets him loves him and I am so blessed that he is my son!

Jax had to leave for the rest of the Christmas season, Jake was naughty most of Friday and Saturday. We went to Auntie’s house on Saturday (the one who went to the program) and he was having so much fun with the boys but he didn’t want to stop playing so he peed his pants again. We don’t know how to get him to stop this. It is the third time he has done it. The bathroom was right there across from the boy’s room so there is no reason he shouldn’t have went. Any ideas on how to get him to stop doing this?

Also, his mom called last night but he was already in bed. She waits until late to call and knows we won’t answer. It makes me so mad. And then she left and voicemail saying that she got a house phone finally, she doesn’t even have a house. They live with someone else! Bottom line is she is a dead beat and I am so tired of it, last time she called she made Jake cry and he acted out for the next 2 days until we finally got him to stop. I want her to leave us alone, I cannot wait until my fiancé files for custody here. With her being on all the stuff she is, if we can prove it, she won’t ever see him again.

I know that is probably mean and I shouldn’t think it but she hurts Jake over and over by doing the stuff she is doing and by being with the man she is with. I don’t want to see Jake hurt, I hate it!

I am not going to dwell on it though, I am just going to continue to raise Jake and still not speak one word to her. Any thoughts on how to get a little boy to keep his mind off of what is going on with his real mother?

Thanks for reading!

My Son Melts My Heart!

8 thoughts on “My Son Melts My Heart!

  1. I’m not sure that’s possible. Just time will help the little guy I guess. The playing up after speaking with his birth mum is normal. We had this alot with one of my step daughters. The one who’s mother wasn’t supporting and putting her daughter’s feelings first. I think it lasted till she was around 7. Mostly I put it down confusion over where their loyalty should lie. Maybe assure him that everyone cares and just wants what is best for him. I also learned that being the one that told them off when they were naughty also earned me the place of most respect. Mum and dad were too busy arguing with each other and I guess a lot of the naughty behaviour was to see who was paying attention to them.


    1. I hope he doesn’t think he has to do it for attention, he gets the most attention he has ever had in his life at our house. In fact he acts like he’s never been shown affection always clinging and hanging on to the both of us! I am not complaining though! My little man needs all the attention he can get! 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts! I have tried to let him know that everyone loves him and just wants what is best. Honestly no one but her and him know what he has been through and neither will say anything but I think that he has just been through so much with her dropping him off that he doesn’t know how to act after being in so many homes.

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