This is Me Bitching About Christmas.

December 19, 2014

I have been sitting here thinking about Christmas and trying to get my side of the family gifts. Granted it won’t be hard. I have ideas already but, the problem is that I don’t get my paycheck until Christmas Eve. What am I going to do if I don’t get it by the time the bank closes? Easy solution would be to have my fiancé buy them and I will put the money back in his account, right? He won’t do it. So we are going to go there with nothing but a gift for my mom. I feel terrible. How are we going to just go there and say we have a gift for mom but none for you guys.

This is so stressful because like I said in a previous post, we decided not to even buy for the adults. Ugh!! I am so mad! Ranting isn’t going to do me any good so I better stop that. I just need to have one more conversation with him about it. I am confident that my boss will get the checks out before noon. But, there is that slight chance she won’t. I work at a car dealership so all the salesmen get paid 3+ before everyone which is bull. And then everyone else sits around and waits. It is also funny that our payday happened to land on Christmas Eve when they couldn’t just move it up one more day so that we didn’t have to scramble all over Hell. I get pretty mad.

But, if I didn’t work then we wouldn’t have half of what we do.

We are doing the office gift exchange in about 15 minutes. So I am going to stop bitching and go do that! Thanks for reading my bitchiness!

This is Me Bitching About Christmas.

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