Wrestling, Discipline, and Dead-Beat Moms

December 16, 2014

So we have been trying to keep calm with Jake when we discipline him. Getting mad seemed like the only thing that worked to get him to listen. We took him to buy a wrestler yesterday because he got money from the tooth fairy and he got Kane and Undertaker. He was really good yesterday at school and daycare until we got home. We fed him first since by the time we got home it was 5:30 and he was ok. We both had to tell him multiple times to just eat his food and not jump around, we don’t have a table for him yet so he eats on the coffee table. Being as we were just adults in the house and a small apartment we didn’t need a table. Now we do but, getting past that, he finally finished eating and I sat him down to do his homework. Granted it didn’t take me very long to get it done, he still had a few times I had to tell him to get it done. By the way, why does a 5 year old get homework in Kindergarten? I don’t remember getting any much less 2-3 pages a night.

We finally got that done and I bathed him and then we sat down to watch some wrestling and he was pretty good until about 8 and I would have liked him to go to bed then so I could shower, and he wouldn’t be crabby this morning but, dad let him watch one last match. Then it was time for bed, and the crying started. We told him the show was over, though it wasn’t, so that he would go to bed and he cried more. We tried to tell him there was nothing we could do about it and that it wasn’t up to us and he wanted nothing to do with that. He was upset because he didn’t get to see Roman Reigns, he wasn’t on the show last night, and we told him that. Finally I was exhausted, I had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before and I was wore out. I told him if he didn’t go to bed I was taking his wrestlers back to the store and he wouldn’t watch wrestling again if that was how he was going to act. Was that wrong of me? I didn’t know what else to say. He loves wrestling, we all do, so much but if it continues to be a problem then maybe it will be time to take it away. I want him to grow up with wrestling.

For me, it was an outlet. Whenever something was going wrong in my life, something bad or hurtful, I would go to my happy place. I would sit and write stories or watch it on television, or work on organizing trading cards or magazines. It was my life. Yes, if I didn’t have it I would be upset but, being that he is 5 I don’t find it necessary for him to cry over it. Maybe that is my opinion.

It isn’t just wrestling he cries over, it is everything. Even when we went to WV and we had him he cried over everything. He didn’t want to eat, he didn’t want to take a bath, didn’t want to go to bed. This has been another ongoing thing. This has really been the hardest thing we have done and I’m not just saying that, it really has. Sometimes we just don’t know what to do, so we wing it. Sometimes it’s a disaster, sometimes it works perfectly. For example, what happened on Sunday, we decided we aren’t going to tell him when wrestling is on at all. If he is good that day he can watch it, if not he will not get to. It seems if we tell him what he will get if he is good and then he acts out then he acts out even more. There is no pleasing this kid.

I don’t know if I should just stay quiet and not say anything or not. I have tried to explain to him how it works and he just doesn’t care.  I don’t know how his mom handled things but to me it looks like she just gave him whatever he wanted so he would leave her alone.

When he came to our house he knew what channel all the cartoons were on and exactly what cartoon was on at what time. So we knew that he spent a lot of time in front of the television. That changed really quickly. He gets way too far into Spongebob Squarepants and I don’t care for it. Not the show, how much he wants to watch it. For this reason, not too long ago he was waiting at daycare for me and he intentionally peed his pants all over the couch because he didn’t want to get up and stop watching Spongebob. Needless to say, he hasn’t watched it for a long time since. He then went on to blame it on other kids there, instead of just taking the blame.

I cannot fathom how any mother would not teach their child right from wrong. Being that she just got out of jail, she probably has no idea what the difference is, or she just doesn’t care.

I don’t mean to be that step-mom who talks bad about the child’s mother but she really is not all that smart. At least it is not in front of him or to anyone who actually knows her.  Speaking of her though, we still haven’t heard from her, she hasn’t called or text. She was stalking all my pictures of Jake on my social media that her father, sister, and step-mother were tagged in. Other than that, not a word.

I feel like she feels she is free. Her ex-husband took their daughter he took her to court for abandonment, and won. So now that we have Jake she is completely kid free so I am sure now that she is out she is loving being able to party it up. How sad for her, we are working on getting full custody in the state of Wisconsin. After 30 days a child is a legal resident of this state, Jake has been here for longer than that. She will have to come here if she wants him, and she won’t. Personally I am not worried about her. I could care less, she has showed one too many times that she just doesn’t care. And the first thing she said when she called was to tell my fiancé she wanted to claim Jake on her taxes, that shows that she only wants money. That is why she clung to him for so long before, she was receiving child support. She was using the child support to support her habit.

I am done ranting about her now, I am all bitched out. At least I am not all emotional anymore and feeling down. Now I am just focused on getting ready for Christmas. Going out to get our mother’s presents tonight! Then wrapping some more when Jake goes to bed! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Y’all have a good day! Thanks for reading!

Wrestling, Discipline, and Dead-Beat Moms

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