That is a Twist I Was Not Expecting.

December 10th, 2014

Multiple things happened last night.

1. Jake’s biological mom got out of jail and she called him.

2. He is clinging to me like he thinks I am going to leave him.

First, about the phone conversation. She called around 5 and my fiancé wasn’t home yet, I hadn’t heard the phone ring because it was on silent and I was in the living room helping with homework. She left and message and I just had a feeling my phone had gone off. When I listened to the message, I was shocked. We didn’t think she was going to get out this soon!

I waited until my fiancé got home to call her back, and even he put it off. Legally he has to let her talk to him, since he does have primary custody she just cant come and take him, she has to go through the court. But as soon as she got Jake on the phone, she started promising him the world. It tore me up! I was so angry! She told him she was going to fix her car, which she doesn’t have one, and come and visit him. He cried so hard and even on the phone with her came and clung to me and cried. I felt so bad. We both know she is never going to come here, and it infuriates me that she would even lie to him like that!

Anyway, after Jake talked to her then my fiancé took the phone and Nana occupied Jake with G.I. Joes while he talked to her. As soon as he was done I went in the bedroom to talk to him and he told me everything. She wants us to keep him, but let her have visitation in the summertime. For one, she has no say in that matter and we will take her to court for that because we don’t trust her. And then she said she wants to claim him on her taxes. She hasn’t worked this year, and for more than half the year my fiancé has been working and paying child support!

Her demands are outrageous, she will not be claiming him and she cant just take him whenever she sees fit! I have been tore up ever since. My mind is somewhere else, I cant even think.

Now Jake is stuck to me like glue. He wont leave my side, he follows me around everywhere. He cried today when I dropped him off at daycare, just a little. I love this little man and I will fight for him. He deserves better than what she claims she can give him. I know we don’t have a lot and I know he misses her a lot but its not fair what she does to him, not at all. I just want him to be happy.

On another note, I may be a terrible, terrible person. When he told her what he wanted for Christmas, he proceeded to tell her that his mommy has two different kinds of Skylanders. It is a video game, those of you who don’t know what they are, they are little figures that you put on what is called a portal and they show up in the game. Anyway, is it terrible that it made me feel awesome? Does that make me a bad person?

Either way I guess I don’t care. I am extremely proud for him to call me mom, to anyone. I really feel like his mom and it feels awesome. I am so glad to be in his life and I am extremely blessed! I will keep up with what is going on with us! Thanks for reading!

That is a Twist I Was Not Expecting.

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